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We aim to develop organizations and people so that you can act qualified and reach both common and individual goals.

In HumanAct we are experienced in working with training courses and development processes in a wide variety of organizational types and at all organizational levels. We follow the process all the way in order to help you and your company implement the necessary and appropriate changes. We design processes and training courses in Danish or English for your company specifically.

Among other things we work with:

Organisational Development

We help you define your needs and apply focused interventions. Together we develop your work methods in order to make a real impact on the organisation and the way things work. We tailor our interventions to match your organisation and its strategy, goals, and specific issues.


Leadership development can take place in the whole organisation, groups of leaders, partnerships, and with individual leaders. Together we clarify your specific needs and choose the methods that fit. Always with focus on development for both organisation, group, and individual.

Conflict resolution

Conflict resolution can be relevant both in business and in private matters. We help you clarify the cause of the conflict, and we suggest and implement solutions. We also provide mediation between the parties involved.  We focus on development and on maintaining a healthy relationship between the parties.


Coaching helps you clarify your situation and find new ways ahead. With a concrete challenge as starting point, we work with your perception of the situation, yourself, and your interactions with other people. We offer coaching in work related issues.


The goal of psychotherapy is to assist the individual in living a full and meaningful life according to his or her goals and values. Among other things, we work with stress, existential problems, relationships, anxiety, and depression, and we offer psychotherapy to adults, couples, and families.


The goal of supervision is to maintain at good quality in work, develop your professional approach, and ensure work related wellbeing. HumanAct offers supervision of professionals, working with people.

Tests and tools

The use of psychological tests and tools can be relevant, when your need is to recruit new employees or develop yourself individually or as a team. The tools can be a shortcut to understanding yourself and others better, and can be a starting point for further co-operation and development.


A workshop can give a competence boost for your organisation, division, or a group of employees, and provide a common ground for co-operation. We tailor workshops in Danish or English. Among other things, we offer workshops in conflict resolution, communication, leadership, coaching, teamwork, work environment, and prevention of stress.

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We always tailor our intervention to the specific task. Please call us for an informal conversation about your challenges, needs and wishes.

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