Søren Braskov

M.Sc. Psychology, State Licensed, Specialist Psychology, accredited Ashridge Executive Coach, external lecturer at AU

I am interested in people – what you sense, see, think, feel and what actions it inspires. I am interested in

Søren Braskov

Søren Braskov

relationships and organizations – how people manage work, family, leisure activities and values.

For me it is a privilege to use my many years of psychological experience to help you, your relationships or your organization to change.

Therapeutically and in relation to coaching, I am broadly based theoretically. I am trained and experienced in many different therapeutic methods. In recent years I have mainly focused on ACT – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. ACT helps you accept that which you can not change, so you can focus use you energy on those things that you can and will change.

On the coaching side I am accredited as a Business Coach from Ashridge Business School, London, 2010.

For more than 20 years conflicts in important and significant relationships have had my special attention. In 2001 I founded Jysk Centre for Conflict Resolution and I have mediated in numerous conflicts both in business and in private disputes. I have participated in several television and radio programs on conflict resolution and have been a speaker at international conferences.

Partner-controlled companies are rewarding when it goes well … and stressful when things go badly. Through the development of DUP and PUS, I have increased my understanding and knowledge of the psychological processes in partner-driven companies. I would like to help those of you in partnerships who feel bad to feel good, and those of you who are doing well to get even better.

In recent years I have developed a joy for writing: look under publications.

Mail: sb@humanact.dk
Direct: +45 6013 5668